Ntunda SKYE clubs

This club is comprises of 20 members who meet once a week to learn through SKYE program. Together, the club members are implementing projects on different aspects regarding their lives based on community opportunities. They are farming 15 rabbits and current reports teach an achievement of 456, 450 BIF that they are using in their small businesses and faming activities. Being together is also contributing to the peace reinforcement and social cohesion as documented in the stories below. All SKYE club members celebrate individual achievement thanks to the skills about project management and other trainings they went through namely EWV and VSLA ones.

Perpetue Niyonsaba, a 20-year old lady and member of the club thanks World Vision for the project.

“I am very happy that we have been able to buy 15 rabbits and 2 goats for breeding and that we are having 456450 BIF that we are using to fulfill our vision”. She said. “I myself borrowed 90,000 BIF and invested in farming of 2 goats and in cultivating potatoes. I hope the rabbits will be multiplied and will get my share”. She also highlighted.

While entertaining with other SKYE club members, all witnessed that they are benefiting from SKYE program and that they are fulfilling their future.

Iledephonse, a 22-year-old and former houseboy talks about the importance of being in the club:

“SKYE club is my learning center. I am very comfortable to be part of the club members where I am able to get not only project management skills but also loan which allows me to do my faming project. Before joining the club, I was a houseboy in Bujumbura where I was ill-treated by my boss and even despised by children in the house. I was not free and ignorant on using my resources. Thanks to SKYE program and especially EWV training, now I am having a crop of beans and rice and I am breeding 4 goats”. He said.  Iledephonse regrets the time he spent in Bujumbura and is committed to participate in club activities where he is being empowered for his future.

1. Contribution of the Nunda SKYE club in peace reinforcement

While asking the SKYE club members how the club is impacting the community in terms of peace maintaining, Iledephonse (on behalf of the club) continued saying:

“Yes people are not killing one another here in our community. But, killing is not the only insecurity issue. Insecurity is manifested in different forms: school drop outs, theft, laziness, prostitution, hypocrisy, conflicts in families and among youths, drugs consummation, rural exodus, school drop outs, hunger, etc. All those are also insecurity sources and can cause troubles in the community. No one among us is thinking doing again such evils. We are mobilizing pupils to respond positively to schools enrolment”.  He kept saying that SKYE club members are no longer manipulated by politicians as they are focused on their future.

2. Contribution in the improvement of child wellbeing.

One of the objectives of SKYE program is to contribute constructively in their community. After mapping up Ntunda community issues, youths decided to deal with 2 ones that are harming the child wellbeing.

a. School drop outs

Trough sketches and HH sensitization sessions, youths disseminated strong messages in tandem with the aftereffects of school drop outs both in communities and on individual level. This was achieved in August before the starting of the school year and in collaboration with school officials and community leaders from the grass root up to the communal level. The activity was appreciated by the audience especially the administration and education officials and are exploring the way of scaling up of the activity. The communal education director promised to gather data to measure the impact brought about by the activity on children of the school age.  

To the HH sensitization, the Ntunda SKYE club reported that 33 children resumed schools and 3 of them are SKYE club members. One of the beneficiaries who resumed their studies is Edouard NDAYIRAGIJE, 20 years old and witnessed the fruitfulness of the sensitization

 “I was losing so much, and had forgotten anything about school, but was encouraged by the sketches performed when I attended the campaign”, he said proudly. Edouard resumed after 2 years of dropping out and is now attending at Marenga School in post basic school in languages option.

b. Organic manure / local fertilizers production

Another main issue is the lack of organic manure in the community. It is a hindrance to the agricultural production that results in the malnutrition among children. Cases of malnutrition are numerous in Ntunda community according to the statistics documented by health district at provincial level. One of the local technics that is widely used by the community is composting whereby community members collect grasses and other rubbishes and they put them in pits. Each of the twenty club members have established at least one and are propagating the initiatives in the community.


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