Nyaruhinda SKYE club

The Nyaruhinda SKYE club has 23 members made of 7 males and 16 females and is one of the three clubs of Gitaramuka commune of Karusi province.

Now, SKYE members have been able to use the locally existing opportunities in improving their livelihood after they attended different trainings in the SKYE curriculum, VSLA, Empowered Worldview and project management. As other clubs, Nyaruhinda club is doing saving and loaning activities with an achievement of 750,000 BIF so far. This amount is considered as the capital where they get loans and do their small businesses and farming activities. Violette, 17 years old took two consecutive loans: 10.000 BIF for potato seeds and manure, and 40.000 BIF with which she bought a goat. She is very happy as the goat has given birth and she is expecting paying back the loan without much trouble.

“It is not possible for me to wait to take loan as it is helping me so much. I have already a field of potatoes and 3 goats. My mind is now set to the development something contrary to what I was doing before joining SKYE club”. She replied.

Moreover, from their contributions, they have been able to purchase 9 goats as a collective project and they planned that from the offspring of those goats, everyone will get at least one.

Due to the VSLA amount, members have got occasions to implement individual projects such as cultivating, animal breeding and trade businesses, or combining activities as many wanted to.

Pascaline, 19 years is proud to have been able to get a goat and rented a land to cultivate thanks to the loans of 35000 BIF she got in the club and her own savings. According to her, the motivation came from the common project of farming goats and realized that she can do it also individually.

“I am inspired by what we are doing in the club. We actually meet on weekly basis. We sit together with one mind and share ideas and experiences on how we can earn life. Before joining the club – yes I was having money which was almost wasted in unnecessary things. Now I am able to prioritize my activities. This allowed me to breed one goat and cultivate a field of rice”.

She also continues saying that animal farming is well practiced if coupled with agriculture as it provides manure to enrich the cultivated land. All the club   members are motivated by what they are experiencing in the club and they are doing faming activities.

Impact of the club to other youths

The youth that got the privilege to partake in the SKYE club didn’t remain indifferent towards others. In fact they accept that each member tried to impact at least one friend or neighbor with the skills they got in the club.

Jonathan, 20 years old, is the SKYE club chairperson and also the youth representative of the Nyaruhinda Anglican parish youth department. He testified that he organizes a quarterly youth meeting, and found that the skills he got in the club are interesting to others when they are shared: ‘As one representing youth in our church, I always disseminate the acquired knowledge to the youths of my church and 3 of them were already transformed as they are also breeding animals”. He said.

Contribution to peace reinforcement

The club members agree that their initiatives to poverty reduction in SKYE members of Nyaruhinda is very key in matter of contributing to peace as this category is vulnerable to theft and political manipulation. They are busy with their development activities and are not tempted by nothing else. This helps club members and the other youths they impact in the community.

 Contribution in the improvement of child wellbeing

The contribution is seen through the club’s activities related to animal farming and agriculture. Their siblings are benefiting from those and they grow with the spirit of working.


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