We innovate and support models of experiential learning, providing teachers, schools and youth leaders with the tools to help youth to become more involved, more responsible, and more courageous.


With 1.8 billion people between the ages of 15 and 29, the world is home to more young people today than ever before. Close to 87 per cent of them live in developing countries. Young people make up approximately one quarter of humanity, but in many countries, especially in South Asia and Africa, one in three people is a young person.  (Global Youth development 2016)

Young people are affected by the lack of decent work opportunities, ineffective and undemocratic political participation structures, protracted conflicts, natural disasters and poor health. For instance, in every part of the world, young people are at least twice as likely as others to be unemployed.


The IMPACT club model, created in 2002, aimed to respond to the needs of young people living in Jiu Valley, who were lacking any opportunity for development. We started with 2 clubs, hosted in the apartment of our director, and at the moment we work in 21 countries, and have more than 500 IMPACT and SKYE clubs.

For children and young people, the clubs are spaces where they can innovate, learn, and participate in the life of their communities. These are spaces where they get empowered, and transform the community and the world around them. They become principal decision makers in their own economic and personal development as they transition into adulthood.


Brajan is a young boy that lives in Lac. He is an Albanian but was born in Greece. After the economic crisis in Greece, his family had to move to Albania. Brajan faced a lot of problems when he first arrived in Albania.

“People here do not listen to understand. They do not want to understand you. They have a lot of prejudices,” he said. …, he joined the IMPACT club in Kurbin. “Here is the only place where I have found young people as I want to be,” he said. “We as a group believe in a cause. We want to be active citizens. We listen to each other respectfully and we undertake community projects.”


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