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IMPACT is a powerful tool for social change where young people learn to identify problems in the community, find solutions and implement them.


With 1.8 billion people between the ages of 15 and 29, the world is home to more young people today than ever before. Close to 87 per cent of them live in developing countries.

Our model is IMPACT – a model for teens aged 12-18Involvement, Motivation, Participation, Community, Teens. At the international level, we adapted IMPACT for the age bracket 19-26, and created SKYE (Skills and Knowledge for Youth Economic Empowerment), which puts more emphasis on employability and social entrepreneurship for youth. 

18 years ago, here, at the New Horizons Foundation, we started our mission to support children and young people around the world.

How we make a difference

Together with our partners, we created IMPACT and SKYE clubs around the world, with young people and teachers, youth leaders, community leaders meeting weekly to create community service learning projects.

This is the main learning tool in IMPACT, because it helps young people develop their life skills, thus completing the knowledge acquired in school, while serving  and becoming leaders of their communities.

Worldwide Clubs (Europe, America, Asia, Africa)

Romanian Clubs

Become our partner and create Impact Clubs with us

The world has an unprecedented opportunity today to lay the foundations of a better future for young people, building on their strengths, talent, interests and future potential.

What we offer for our partners:

Trainings and curricula for the IMPACT club leaders

We support the opening of IMPACT clubs through offering Leader Initiation training so that participants can coordinate the educational activities in the IMPACT clubs.  Our leaders are teachers, youth leaders, people passionate in working with youth, who offer, weekly, 4-5 hours of their time to lead the IMPACT and SKYE clubs. They are our heroes, people who put their skills, knowledge, and, most important, their heart at the service of children and young people.

The training course lasts six days, and includes notions about Experiential Learning, Community service Learning, Learning styles, Team formation. Based exclusively on experiential learning methodology, the training course give the participants the opportunity to challenge their convictions and their own capabilities, and become better in working with children and young people. In Romania, Kosovo and Albania the training course has been accredited by the Ministry of Education, which is an extra motivational factor for teacher – leaders.

At the training, our participants receive the IMPACT curricula, which includes four modules: 1. Active Citizenship 2. Leadership 3. Social entrepreneurship 4. Employment. Also, the participants will be mentored by the local colleagues, with the support of the NHF staff.

Mentorship for the partner organisations

After the training, our partners benefit from mentoring from a New Horizons Foundation expert who helps them step by step to implement the educational model and overcome any problems they might face.

Partners mentoring will result, at the end, in professional development for leaders, as they learn to work in mixed groups, implement different learning methods through experience such as community service project and, in the case of teachers, even transfer what they’ve acquired to classrooms, to provide relevant learning to all students.

Training of Trainers

Once you, our partner, decide to expand the IMPACT model in the country, we help the exiting club leaders to become trainers for the new club leaders, through a TOT training course.

The training lasts for 7 days, and teaches participants how to be good trainers for their groups. We usually organize these training courses a year after the initiation of the clubs, to make sure the leaders master the methodology of the clubs, and are ready to teach others.

By this ToT, we make sure that the program becomes sustainable in every single country, relying on well-prepared human resources.

Continuous development

We offer members and leaders of the IMPACT Network opportunities to connect with each other’s and discuss topics such as: fundraising, communication, learning processing, social entrepreneurship, etc.

Nyaruhinda SKYE club

The Nyaruhinda SKYE club has 23 members made of 7 males and 16 females and is one of the three clubs of Gitaramuka commune of Karusi province.

Gitaramuka SKYE club

Made of 22 active members of 8 young boys and 14 young girls, the club is located at the commune center neighborhood

Ntunda SKYE clubs

This club is comprises of 20 members who meet once a week to learn through SKYE program.

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